Buoy SV-1800A type

Ship station: Example of display of buoy and Schooling fish information on chart
The satellite buoy (Marinestar) is a new buoy positioning and tracking information system that can display the position of the buoy in an electronic chart by the pinpoint, and promote the efficiency improvement of the fishery. The buoy position and tracking information of buoy flows and is displayed in the chart.   Because the speed where the buoy flows and the surface water temperature in addition to the direction are displayed, it is possible to use it as current information. Moreover, because the speed and the direction of the fishing vessel are in real time displayed in the chart, It easily understands the Estimated Time of Arrival to the buoy. The telecommunication system is IT equipment using the   INMARSAT satellite communication and the Internet. It is an eco-power supply that adopts the solar battery in the power supply and is easy as for the environment.    The battery life is able not to worry and to use it. The use sea area is all almost sea areas the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and all over the world.
Composition equipment
SV-1800A model Satellite buoy
SV-SC5000 model complete set (PC, buoy management chart with software)
It can ensure buoy information because it sends and receives it by using the satellite communication.
Information on the buoy and the operation command from Ships Bureau are communicated via INMARSAT satellite → earth station → INMARSAT satellite.
The number of buoy position data can be selected.
Two position data as the default is the factory setting. You can select number of position data per day from 4 kinds of setting including default set. The transmission interval of ten minutes of one hour of three hours can be selected. The transmission of buoy position ends when fixed time passes, and it returns to the default afterwards.
Approach mode
The interval of the transmission of the position data of the buoy is automatically changed according to the distance with the fishing vessel.
The expectation present location of the buoy is displayed.
The Position data of the final acquisition is displayed in the red circle, present location is forecast, and it displays it with the buoy icon.
When the buoy measures the location information, the position is measured by two points and the speed and the course of the buoy are calculated. As a result, the forecast of an extremely accurate present location and course is enabled. In addition, the scale will display it from present location for 12 hours in every one hour.
It is assumed one cycle from the buoy turning on to the collection and is possible to manage.
Tracks of the buoy can be delimited by the period.
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